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SHAPESCAPER® Steel Landscape Planters and Garden Edging are a modular steel landscaping sytem that will make working on your next project a pleasure, turning your great ideas into reality! Select from a large range of stylish “rusted” REDCOR® weathering steel planters and landscape edging suitable for both domestic and commercial landscape installations.  Easily replace failing wooden or plastic in your garden with long lasting metal, fully recyclable and Australian made.
From instant Planter Boxes and simple garden borders or edging, to complex multi level terracing the SHAPESCAPER® design makes installations quick and hassle free. All required parts are supplied and can be assembled with common tools. The components are all pre-drilled making alignment easy and installation quick and simple.
Manufactured in Australia using Australian Bluescope® Steel.  All our products come with a 10 year structural warranty and are suitable for heavy duty commercial installations.  Unlike other steel edging products SHAPESCAPER® use a minimum of 2.0mm thick steel in all our edging products and our planters use a minimum of 2.5mm.  For all heavy duty edging applications 2.5mm is recommended.
Hexagonal Planter Range
six stock sizes to choose, 500mm or 700mm high with 400mm, 600mm or 800mm sides.
Custom Planter Box
500mm high 2800mm x 800mm
Hexagonal Planter
700mm high 600mm sides
SHAPESCAPER® steel ring garden plantersSHAPESCAPER® steel ring garden planters
Steel Ring Range
perfect for low profile tree rings or raised garden planters
order open or closed from 100mm to 800mm high
SRT590R765 three ring multi planterSRT590R765 three ring multi planter
Three Ring Multi Planter
perfect for a small home garden
Available at either 590mm or 390mm high with a central ring diameter of 765mm. Total diameter 1180mm
Box Planter Range
eighteen stock sizes to choose 500mm or 700mm high, sides from 400mm to 2000mm
SHAPESCAPER™ steel garden edgingSHAPESCAPER™ steel garden edging
Landscape Garden Edging
150mm steel landscape garden edging
SHAPESCAPER™ steel garden edgingSHAPESCAPER™ steel garden edging
Landscape Garden Edging Range
five heights to choose from 100mm, 150mm, 250mm, 390mm and 590mm
SHAPESCAPER™ steel landscape garden edgingSHAPESCAPER™ steel landscape garden edging
Lower Landscape Garden Edging
lower profiles are pre-drilled and feature 300mm and 400mm ribbed stakes
SHAPESCAPER™ steel garden edgingSHAPESCAPER™ steel garden edging
Higher Landscape Garden Edging
higher profiles are pre-drilled and feature 550mm, 780mm and 1180mm heavy duty "L" stakes
Hexagonal Planter
700mm high with 400mm sides
SHAPESCAPER™ steel garden planterSHAPESCAPER™ steel garden planter
Box Planter
500mm high with 800 x 400mm sides
Modular Box End
the modular system allows for custom design planter boxes